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We make it easy! We have existing feeds from all the major Listing Management Systems: PropCtrl, Fusion, Entegral, PropData, Webbox, CyberAgent and more...

Go Mobile

View and manage all your Property Listings, Agents, Leads and more on a mobile first platform.

Rands & Sense

Can Buyers afford the property? They can tell you in the lead by using our unique Affordability Calculator.

How do we attract our quality leads?

The Homes Network
Hozi has created a unique property portal offering we call the Homes Network. What this consists of is a network of Hozi Homes websites advertising property listings on both National and Hyper-Local websites throughout South Africa. This means that everywhere that a Hozi Homes website is featured, all listings will be available. We currently have 80 Hozi Homes websites and counting with a total combined audience of over 3 Million people who can access and view our listings! Shouldn't you be advertising on your local Hozi Homes website?

Mobile Property Search
Our Homes websites are fully responsive, or device agnostic which is really just a fancy word for saying that they will work on any device!

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